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Getting lost in the Australian bush can happen to anyone but being prepared could save lives

By Nick Baker and Victoria Pengilley for Sunday Extra

Have you ever considered paddling - at one with the river and its surrounds? Drifting up to spectacular wildlife - a lyrebird bathing in the shallows, eagles soaring overhead or perched on an overhanging bough, lord of all they survey. You can. Come and join us for a Come and Try Kayaking mentoring session, participate in some easy paddles to develop your skills and then explore Victoria with us from the the water.

A series of paddles have been planned for October to December to enable members who would like to give kayaking a go to do just that, develop paddle skills and then participate in longer paddles or paddles further afield in the second half of the paddle season. All equipment provided, cost of $20/session, experienced paddlers on hand to provide mentoring/support.

Check out the Club Events Calender and we hope to see you on the water

Buying a GPS is a bit like purchasing a car: there are SO many considerations! When purchasing a GPS, the first question you should ask yourself is the same as when buying a vehicle: “What do I intend to use it for?”