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Privacy Policy:

[Draft - To be adopted] 



The South Gippsland Walking and Adventure Club (the Club) is a small business under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (the Privacy Act) and therefore not an organization or Australian Privacy Principles (APP) entity. As such the Privacy Act does not apply to the Club; however this policy sets out the framework for managing club member’s personal information held by the Club in accordance with the Privacy Act and the Australian Privacy Principles.

The objective of this Policy is, therefore, to ensure that members of the Club have their personal details protected to a standard that is consistent with the Privacy Act and the APP.


To ensure that controls are in place to prevent inappropriate use or access to members’ personal information held by the Club.

To set guidelines for the use of personal information held by the Club.


The Club will manage a member’s personal and health information in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles.

It is the responsibility of any member who has access to Club members’ personal information to understand this policy and all procedures that are required to safeguard personal information held by the Club.

  • The Club will only collect personal information that is required for its activities
  • Information will only be used for the purpose for which it was collected
  • If information is required for purposes other than those for which it was collected, agreement will be sought from members for such use beforehand
  • Information will only be accessed by authorized persons, as approved by the Committee
  • Personal information collected by the Club is to be stored and disposed of in a way that it will not become available for use outside the Club
  • The Club will only provide information to third parties as obligated by statute, to facilitate insurance or the delivery of authorized member services

Use of Your Personal Information

Personal information is collected from membership application and renewal forms and is used in running the Club and its activities and may be shared amongst members for that purpose. The list below is representative but not exhaustive:

  • To establish access controls on Club websites
  • Membership list contact creation and distribution (which facilitates other activities)
  • Newsletter and Membership Directory mailings
  • Keeping members informed of events related to the Club, eg. new member name & email details
  • Activity and event organisation
  • Meeting attendance list

The Club will not sell, rent or trade the personal information of members other than as specified below unless the person specifically consents or the club is authorized under Australian Law or directed by a court or tribunal.

As an associate club of Bushwalking Victoria the Club is obliged to provide some member related information to BWV for administration and insurance purposes.

Activity participants are required to complete an Emergency Personal Details Forms. These forms will only be opened in the event of an emergency where the member is unable to provide the information themselves. The information may be provided as required to any person involved in the care of the participant including health professionals.

The Club will occasionally aggregate information into broad statistics. This information is used as an input to the Club strategy and operations and no person is identifiable as a result of this aggregation

The Membership Directory

The Club’s Membership Directory lists all current financial members. The directory details include name and contact details, training, awards, first aid qualifications and Club positions.

The Membership Directory is maintained on the Website and used only for Club administrative purposes including member communications

Email Addresses

Email addresses must be hidden when sending group emails:

  • The Blind Copy (bcc) option or similar function that achieves the same purpose, should be used to hide email addresses, unless to specific groups, such as committee members for the purposes of informing members as to who has received the email. For practical reasons, members organizing activities may choose not to bcc participants;
  • Club members are not permitted to distribute email addresses.


Information and emails forwarded to club members that contain personal information are not to be forwarded to any person outside the club unless it is for Club purposes.

Quality of Your Personal Information

When we are notified of an error in a member’s personal information, the error will be corrected as soon as possible but no later than 21 days after notification.

Access to your personal information

Members may by request review personal information held in the Membership database.

If a member believes that their personal information is not accurate or incomplete, they may request that the Club makes the necessary corrections, additions or deletions. In order to do so the member must put their request in writing to the Secretary.

Leaving the Club

On cancellation of membership a members details apart from their name and date of cancellation will be deleted from the membership register and the member’s access to the Club’s electronic media will be withdrawn.

Grievances about use of Personal Data

If a member believes their personal information is being misused and thus breaching the Act, the issue should be notified to the Secretary, in writing to enable the grievance to be addressed.

If the aggrieved member is not satisfied with the outcome the affected member may still have other avenues to address the matter through the Act.


A breach of this policy by a Club member will be considered conduct prejudicial to the Club. This is particularly relevant where a Club member discloses member private information contrary to this policy. Disciplinary action may be taken against a club member who breaches this policy.

Penalties for a breach of this Policy may include a reprimand, suspension or expulsion from the club