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Clothing & Equipment

What clothing and equipment you take depends greatly upon:

  • Where you are going - location, altitude
  • When you are going - summer v’s winter, expected weather
  • How long you are going for - day, overnight, weeks
  • Your level of fitness

Basic kit

For anything beyond the simplest bush stroll, the following could be considered the minumum to be carried:

  • A hat (brimmed - summer, warm & over ears - winter)
  • Waterproof parka with hood
  • A jumper - wool or polar-fleece
  • A drink
  • A snack - scroggin, health bar or chocolate
  • Personal first-aid kit, including a bandage for snake bite
  • Insect repellent and sunscreen

The easiest way to carry them is in a day pack or small rucksack.

Day Walks:

Dress according to the expected conditions:
Hot and sunny: brimmed hat, loose shirt or t-shirt, shorts or trousers, shoes or boots. Remember the sun screen lotion!
Cold and wet: beanie, jersey, shirt, trousers, shoes or boots. Avoid cotton as it is cold when wet.

In addition to the above minimum, you would take food for lunch and more to drink, perhaps carrying a small stove so that a hot drink is possible in cooler weather.
If the walk is to be in more remote areas then you should also consider a survival kit that includes:

  • Survival blanket - a reflective plastic sheet
  • Whistle and compass
  • Fire lighting materials - lighter/candles/matches
  • Cord - 6m
  • Knife
  • Pad and pencil
  • Toilet paper

Overnight Walks:

The following list is a good starting point. Equipment can be divided into personal and group. If you are taking group equipment then the leader should make sure that all the expected gear is taken!!


  • Boots or sturdy shoes - worn in and comfortable
  • Socks - two thick pairs plus thin liners
  • Long trousers - loose and tough, cotton/synthetic
  • Tops - long-sleeved and short sleeved, wool or synthetic
  • Jumper - wool or polar-fleece
  • Sun hat
  • Handkerchief, bandanna or scarf
  • Parka - waterproof & hooded
  • Overpants - windproof
  • Shorts - loose fitting, quick drying
  • Underwear/thermals
  • Night change clothes - thermal underwear or tracksuit
  • Bathers?

Small items

  • Small billy (1.5l) and pot scrubber
  • Water bottle(s), unbreakable/leakproof (1.5 - 2L total)
  • Water filter or sterilising tablets
  • Compass and maps etc
  • Large plastic bags, for waterproofing and rubbish
  • Cup/mug, bowl and spoon (knife and fork optional)
  • Small knife - sheath or pocket

Personal toiletries

  • Insect repellent and Sunscreen
  • Plastic trowel and toilet paper - how much will you need?
  • First-aid Kit and personal medicinal items
  • Lightweight torch or headlamp
  • Small towel and/or face cloth
  • Walking stick
  • Blister kit (eg Moleskin, Leukosilk, Second-Skin, Compeed)
  • Whistle
  • Money
  • Camp shoes eg lightweight joggers or beach sandals



  • Rucksac
  • Sleeping bag and liner
  • Sleeping mat - closed cell foam or self-inflating


  • Tent with Fly
  • Stove - gas/shellite/metho
  • Fry pan and egg-flip
  • Billy set - 2 or 3 with lids
      or a complete kit such as Trangia instead of the above 3 items
  • First-aid kit

Extended Walks:

In this case you must equip yourself to cope with extended periods of inclement weather, either hot and dry or cold and wet. Your food, clothing and shelter should be adjusted accordingly.
Your tent for cold areas needs to be ‘4-season’ rated and large enough to accommodate all your equipment, whereas in hot areas a fly and groundsheet is probably all that is needed.

In cold areas you will need to carry more fuel, particularly if you must melt snow for water, and your stove will need to have a higher heat output. Not all gas mixtures work well in the cold.