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Members Code of Conduct

[Draft - To be Adopted]



The purpose of this policy is to define desired and acceptable behavior of members of the South Gippsland Walking and Adventure Club (the Club).


This policy applies to all Club members when participating in any Club activities or using any communication channel provided by the Club.

Policy Statement

The Club will not tolerate behaviour, whether physical, verbal or written, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Sexism
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Abuse or denigration of another person whether verbal or physical
  • Intolerance of a person's race, religion, gender identity or sexual orientation or any other personal aspect
  • Behaving in a way that significantly affects the enjoyment of the event, trip or activity for other people
  • Any other actions considered to be intentionally hurtful, harmful, threatening or inappropriate
  • Actions that knowingly breach the Club’s safety guidelines and put another person at risk of injury

To ensure Club activities are safe and able to be enjoyed by all participants, Club Members will:

  • Ensure everyone’s safety by being familiar and observing all safety and activity related policies and procedures of the Club
  • Follow all reasonable directions of Activity Leaders
  • At all times behave in a manner that is respectful of all people and in particular other members.
  • Ensure their consumption of alcohol during a Club activity is responsible and in compliance with local law. The Club considers it appropriate that when driving a driver will be unaffected by alcohol.
  • Not bring pets on any Club activities of any type unless such an activity has explicitly stated that pets or a type of pet (e.g. dogs) are permitted. Should pets be permitted on an activity the member bringing the pet will ensure the pet is under their complete control at all times to the satisfaction of the activity leader. Guide and attachment dogs are not considered pets under this policy; however, should such a dog be brought on an activity the activity leader should be notified as early as possible.
  • Not bring firearms or fireworks on Club activities. (Sparklers accepted).

Where a Club member’s behaviour affects the safety or enjoyment of others a report should be made to the Secretary. The Club’s procedures provide for registering complaints for unsafe or unacceptable behaviour and how the Club deals with the matter.

Illegal drugs will not be tolerated on any Club activity:

  • An illegal drug is any substance that is prohibited under the Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Act 1981 (Vic) or similar legislation in other States or by the Commonwealth.
  • Where a club member is identified as possessing, using or providing to another any illegal drug during a Club activity, a report must be provided to the President or Trip & Social Committee member and such report must be tabled and minuted at the next Committee meeting. The Committee must review the incident as conduct likely to be prejudicial to the Club and therefore grounds for taking disciplinary action and further may report the matter to the Police.