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Welcome to the AGM of our walking and adventure club

This year we have been here and there and even back to the Meeniyan Pub

Success both on and off the track to cheer

Our adventures have been both far and near. 

Gliding, birdwatching, musicals, Bastille Day

Lawn bowls, Dry July, Tavern nights and an art display

Our members have been able to undertake skills training

First Aid, Leadership and even introduction to Rogaining

Our paddle program has been well supported

By those who like to sit on the water

Whether they be on dams, weirs or rivers

In sunshine, fog or rainy shivers

Ably led by Avenel, Roz and Pat

White caps on the water – no thanks – it has to be flat!

Cycling popularity is on the rise

Maybe because of the use of the EBike

They ride along the roads and the trails

Knowing the battery will kick in when their legs start to fail

The long hikers have been to QLD, Grampians and Bogong High Plains

Walked the wharf to wharf and drove back again

They have walked on tracks over rocks and hills

Using their navigational and leadership skills

Members can read about and have a look

At these adventures & pictures when they are put on facebook.

Tuesday walks program continues to be

Our most attended and popular activity

The popularity of this event has really hit the spot

But too many numbers – oh what a problem we have got!

Where we go and what we see

Doesn’t really matter as long as there is coffee

The highlight of the year would have to be

The success of the Combined Clubs event we hosted by the sea

Inverloch really turned on its charms and its grace

But Bev’s basket of homemade goodies won first place

Our membership base continues to increase

The website doing its job means our numbers wont decrease

Due to our varied event calendar

There is plenty on offer for one to consider

We continue to need leaders and members to volunteer

Their time and commitment to run our program each year

Ian again has presided in the chair

This is not a stressful job, despite the colour of his hair

He has been well supported by all on the executive

With lots of ideas and thoughts to keep everything in perspective

So if you want to step up and be part of the fold

You can do it – just be brave and bold

Good company, friends and companionships

Have made this club the success that it is

Plenty of laughter, chatter and lots of smiles

On our adventures as we clock up the miles

May we continue to explore the areas we want to see

But the most important part is the time spent between us and we. 

Robyn Scott

Poet and Zealot