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Tips for Cyclists

Welcome to the cycling arm of the Club.

We offer the following rides:

Half day and day rides.

·         Night.

·         Overnight. 

·         Pannier.

·         Base camps.

·         Fully supported rides with a trailer which takes 10 bikes, and includes a secure luggage area

Penny Farthing

 Before the Ride:

  • Check the advertised details for the ride and ensure it is within your capabilities.
  • Check the weather forecast.
  • Pack snacks/fill water bottles.
  • Carry mobile phone.

On the Day of the Ride

  • Advise leader of any medical condition or recent illness/injury they should be aware of prior to start.
  • Advise the leader or someone in the group if you are having difficulties keeping up with the group.
  • If you find you are a long way in front – wait to regroup.
  • Keep to left and ride single file on busy roads.

Getting Started:

Essential Equipment:

·         A roadworthy bike.

·         Tyres that have at least 50% tread.

·         Carry Emergency Contact & Medical Information Form.

·         Personal First Aid Kit.

·         Puncture kit. Even if you don’t know how to use it someone else will.

·         Pump. Check the fitting suits your valve.

·         Spare tube to fit your bike.

·         Helmet.

·         Water bottle/s

Highly Desirable:

·         Weather proof coat.

·         Gloves.

·         Lights – front and rear

·         Sunscreen.

·         High visible top – especially for road riding.

·         Chain Lube and rag.