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A look around our new Website

The Home page

Bright, contemporary and aspirational in design, the Home Page has the primary navigation panel of Drop down menu’s which will enable you to navigate around the site.

The body of the Home Page highlights the most recent Blog Posts and Trip Reports, while the right hand side navigation panel provides details of Upcoming events and invites visitors to the site to ‘Find Out More’ about us

The Members Login Window is located at the bottom right hand side of the Home Page

Members Login

Login using your ‘Username’ (usually your First Name Initial in Caps followed by your Surname, First Letter in caps) and your Password


Once you have logged in you will land on the ‘User Profile’ page where you will be invited to review your contact details and change/amend your password. Once you confirm your details you will then be able to explore the site.


Under the ‘Events Tab you will be able to view our Activity Program by Category, by Scheduled date and in Calendar format.

Each activity will be presented with a brief description and key details. By clicking on the ‘Details’ tab you will find further event details including a list of those already registered for the event (Click the ‘View List’ option next to the ‘Registered’ field)

Register for an Activity

To attend/participate in any Activity you MUST register for the Activity.

Registration is a simple process:

  • Select the ‘registration’ option, complete online form and submit. You will then receive an online confirmation of your registration and shortly afterwards you will receive an email confirmation with brief event details.
  • Subject to capacity numbers you will also be able to register a group to the activity by following the same process
  • Should the activity be full, you will be placed on a Waiting List and notified of any subsequent vacancies should they become available.
  • Should your circumstances change, you can ‘cancel’ your registration by returning to the activity details and selecting ‘Cancel Registration

Register an Activity

You can ‘Register an Activity’ by completing an online form with details (eg date, description, duration, location etc) of your proposed activity. The form will then be sent to the ‘Activities Team’ who will review it, seek any further information and then post it onto the Activities Program.

Request an Activity

Similarly you will be able to ‘request ‘ the Activities Team to consider hosting an activity by completing and submitting the online form.

How does the ‘Waiting List’ work?

When an event reaches capacity, the next registrant will be advised that the event is full and invited to register on the Wait List. You will then receive a confirmation email.

If there is a cancellation, the event capacity list is adjusted and all those on the Wait List will be advised of the cancellation by email together with a link to re-register for the event if they are still interested.

There is no order of priority – once the Capacity numbers have been adjusted to reflect the cancellation, it is ‘first in best dressed’, that also goes for everyone else. If another member happens across the vacancy even though they were not on the Wait List they will still be able register.

So the message is: if you are interested in an event, register on the Wait List and once advised of a cancellation, respond quickly!

News/Trip Reports


‘Footprints’ will now be presented in a new electronic format and will be sent out monthly, or as required, by email. The newsletter will contain some of the most recent blog posts and trip reports together with advice of upcoming events and other news items

By selecting ‘Footprints’ you will be presented with a chronological list of all Footprints Blog posts Headlines. By opting to read more you will be able to view the entire article and if interested select the Tag at the top of the article to view other articles of the same genre.

An archive of all previous editions of Footprints going back to August 2008 is available for viewing

How to submit a blog post to 'Footprints'?

By completing the online form you will be able to submit a Blog Post to the Online Editor for publication

It is just so easy - you just use a simple template located here at News/Trip Reports/Footprints/Submit a Blog Post

The post can be about anything at all (subject to some vetting/editing) - an interestiing article, a recipe, a product review, a check list, advice, new developments/announcements - let your creative juices run wild!!!!

You can attach Photos to the Blog,up to a max of 20 mb. (You can also upload photos directly into the Members Photo Gallery)

All photos should be appropiately labelled with a name and date so they can be identifed

Tips on How to write a Blog Post:
  • Plan your report; create an outline, and check facts.
  • Craft a headline that is both informative and will capture the attention of readers’ 
  • Draft your post, either in a single session or gradually add to it.
  • Use images to enhance your post, improve its flow, add humor, and explain complex topics.
  • Edit your blog post. Make sure to avoid repetition, read your post aloud to check its flow, have someone else read it and provide feedback, keep sentences and paragraphs short, don’t be a perfectionist, don’t be afraid to cut out text or adapt your writing.

Good Luck and happy blogging

Trip Reports

A list of Trip Reports in Chronological order is available by selecting the ‘Trip Reports’ option.

Submit a Trip Report

The online form provides a template for anyone to complete a Trip Report which will be sent to the Online Editor for publication


The photo Gallery will be able to display photos by Year and category  for your viewing pleasure.

How to Upload Photos

Navigate to the Gallery tab on the top navigation panel of the Home Screen and select 'Members Photo Upload' from the drop down menu.

You will find a screen which will provide 2 options to upload photos:

Option1: Drag and Drop

Highlight the pictures on your device that you want to upload and drag them accross into the upoad panel, then seelct 'Start Upload'

Option 2: '+Add Files

Select the '+ Add Files button' which will then open the file manager on you device. You can then navigate to the folder where your pictures are stored. Select and then 'Open' the  relevant pictures which willthen laod the picture into the 'Members Upload  page'. Then select 'Start Upload'

The photos will then be loaded into a temporary folder for review and posting by the online editor


You can only upload a picture from the device on which it is stored. So you cannot upload a picture taken on your phone from a different device (eg Desktop, laptop, tablet, iPad etc). If you use a different device other than your phone to upload your picture you will first need to save that picture onto your other device. You can do that by emailing a copy of the picture from your phone to yourself and then opening it on your other device. Then save it to an appropriate folder (eg Pictures, or Downloads or Docuements etc). It will then be available for you to select or 'drag and drop' into the Members Upload window


The resources tab contains much useful content including:

  • Insurance details
  • Details of our Club Shirts
  • Archived AGM and General Meeting Minutes going back to 2011
  • Safety matters
  • Resources for activity participants/leaders
  • Useful documents and forms
  • Equipment for hire and our Library list

Tracks Directory

A Directory of bushwalks prepared by members and listed in alphabet order, walks style, walk grade and most recent.

Details include a brief description, directions Points of Interest and other key information.

The Directory is a work in progress and will continue to evolve.

Join Us

This tab provides information essential for prospective members

Policies and Guidelines

Here you will find a list of our key organisational policies, many of which are still in draft form, waiting to be presented to members in General Meeting for adoption. The committee are currently working through each of the policies to ensure relevance and consistency.


A list of typical questions and answers about our club

Contact Us

Contact with the club will now be done through email using our domain. We have removed all reference to mobile numbers on our primary pages due to advice from the technological sector.