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Participants' Responsibilities

You have a responsibility for your own safety. By following these few simple procedures you will contribute to the safety and enjoyment of the whole group.

Activity Leaders have the final say on all ‘on track’ decisions. All reasonable instructions given by the leader must be followed. Participants may be asked to prove their experience, fitness and capability to complete the activity and if in doubt the leader has the authority to refuse participation on the activity.

  1. You must register on the Website to participate in an activity
  2. Check the grading of the activity and read the grading guidelines below. If you have any doubt or concern about your ability to complete the activity check with the leader before you decide to participate.
  3. Inform the leader, with as much notice as possible, if unavoidable circumstances prevent you from attending the event.
  4. Obey all reasonable instructions given by the leader.
  5. Persons under 18 years are required to be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  6. Arrive at the meeting place in time to depart on the activity at the time stated.
  7. Advise the leader if you feel unwell or cannot cope with the activity.
  8. If you suffer any medical condition that may require special action, please ensure that you carry the appropriate instructions in a sealed envelope or they are with a friend at the activity. If necessary, carry the required medication.
  9. It is wise to insure yourself for ambulance and medical treatment - WBC does not cover you for these expenses.
  10. Provide assistance and support to others on the activity. Club events are generally not competitive and success of the activity is dependent on members providing mutual support and encouragement.
  11. If you are at the front of the group and the leader is not with you stop at all track/road junctions, signs, or whenever there is doubt about the correct route and wait for instructions from the Leader.
  12. Irrespective of where you are in the group, ensure that you can see the person behind you [and vice versa]. If not slow down and wait.
  13. Bring all the correct clothing, equipment, food and water with you; don’t rely on others to lend you items or carry them for you. If in doubt about what to bring ask the leader at booking time or before departure. Some equipment may be hired from bushwalking shops.
  14. Carry a personal First Aid Kit comprising:
    1. Minimum: * Emergency Details * various band aids including extra-large * Triangular bandage * Heavy crepe bandage 7.5cm * Conforming bandage 7.5cm * Moleskin or adhesive tape for covering hotspots on the feet * Safety pins * Gauze swabs * Thermal accident blanket * Personal medication ie. own pain killers, antihistamines
    2. Plus: * Alcohol hand wash * Small plastic bag for rubbish * Sunscreen * Roll on RID, or similar, for insects and leeches * Betadine * Gastrolyte tablets and glucose for hot weather * Instant cold pack * Duct tape * Snake bite bandage * Pointy tweezers for ticks and splinters * Scissors
  15. Carry a whistle at all times and remember the code:
    1. Three short blasts: Emergency signal from person in distress
    2. One long blast: Acknowledge a distress signal
    3. Four short blasts close together: Emergency, regroup with leader immediately

The Tail End Charley (TEC) or Whip is there to assist slower group members and to ensure that nobody is left behind. If you need to leave the track, for any reason, please inform the leader or TEC/Whip and leave your pack on the track.

Carry the contact details of the Activity Leader with you so that if you become separated from the group you can advise the leader as soon as possible.

Ensure you leave details of the activity and the names and phone numbers of the both the Activity Leader and the Club’ Emergency Contacts with your personal Emergency Contact/family / friends

Walk Notes

 Grading of Activities: The grading’s shown are advisory only. If in doubt, please check with the Activity Leader. The grading’s typically apply to day activities and base camps only. For overnight and other types of events consult the Leader prior to booking.

SHORT: Level terrain, on formed tracks. Distance up to 5km.

 EASY: Gently undulating terrain on formed tracks. Distance up to approx 12km.

 MEDIUM: Sustained climbs and descents. Some of the Walk may be off formed tracks. Distance approx 15-18km.

HARD: Consistent walking with moderate to hard climbing in scrub and forest, on and off tracks. Distance depends on terrain.

EXPERIENCED: Walking in difficult terrain that may require special knowledge such as unscheduled camping, rock scrambling, survival techniques, first aid or navigation.

Group Sizes At the discretion of the Leader. Typical maxima: Day – 24; Overnight – 12.

Registration: To be made on the Website or by telephoning the Leader

Cancellations Must be made on the website and you should notify the Leader as soon as practicable as there are usually people on the waiting list who would be keen to come, if given some notice.

Meeting place The Leader (or deputy) will be at the nominated meeting place before the departure time given on the registration sheet. Leaders will not wait for you if you are not there by the departure time.

Club Emergency Contacts: All inquiries about late return of members must first be directed to the Leader’s telephone number, then to the Club Contacts in the order given below. Do not contact the police as they will not know of the club activity. The police will be advised if the Club Contact believes that the party is in danger. Premature contact with police could waste their time and may cause later difficulties for the club.

Club Emergency Contacts

Graeme Clements, SGWAAC Activity Co-ordinator        0409 647560

Phil Box, SGWAAC Secretary                                         0405 324861

Bev Piper, Tuesday Walks Co-ordinator                          0407 681615

Ian Mayer, SGWAAC President                                      0407 693709