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Emergency Contacts Procedures



Walk leaders are to be made aware of and have access to the following planning forms:

  1. Trip Intentions
  2. Trip Participants
  3. Acknowledgement of Risk and Obligations of Temporary Members (visitors)
  4. Guide for Walks & Activity Leaders
  5. Trip Planning Checklist for Leaders
  6. Notes for Emergency Contact System

Current versions of the above are available on the club’s website – Resources tab

Check that an Emergency Contact has been nominated by the leader and that details of the activity are included in the next club Walks Program.

Ensure that the leader is aware of how the club’s “Emergency Contact System” operates (as detailed in this document).


Nominate an Emergency Contact when discussing the trip with the Walks Coordinator. The Emergency Contact would usually be one of the experienced Club Members who have agreed to be listed for this task. They will generally need to be available for contact by phone over the duration of the trip, and particularly around the expected time of finishing.

  • Ensure that the Emergency Contact has been provided with and understands the “Emergency Contact System” - copy available on club’s website.
  • Advise all participants of the name and telephone number of the Emergency Contact.
  • Arrange for this information to be published in the next Walks Program.
  • Advise participants to let their Personal Contact know the name and phone number of the Emergency Contact for that walk.
  • Give the Emergency Contact a copy of the Trip Intentions form, which contains details of dates, times, route, equipment, car registrations (if able), a copy of a map marking the intended route, and any other information considered relevant. Where practical (e.g. overnight or extended trips where the party members are known well in advance) supply a copy of the Trip Participants form as well.
  • Forward a copy of the completed Trip Participants form to the Walks Coordinator ASAP after the completion of the trip, along with any completed and signed “Acknowledgement of Risk and Obligations of Temporary Members” forms. .


Ideally you will be able to be contacted throughout most of the activity, but particularly around the pre-arranged time for notification of the completion of the trip. If a mobile phone no. has been given as the contact number it is essential that you be in a service area.

You will have been provided with details of the trip, including a copy of  the leader’s Trip Intentions  form and a list of participants

In the event that the leader has not contacted you and the return is delayed, then:

  1. If a significant delay occurs, attempt to contact the leader in case s/he has forgotten to call.
  2. Emergency services should not be called at this stage. If contacted by any concerned friend or relative of a party member, advise them of the situation and this Emergency Contact System, and ask them NOT to contact the police.
  3. If concerned,  discuss  the  matter  with  the  Walks Coordinator or if they  are unavailable contact one of the other nominated Emergency Contacts (some of the Club’s most experienced walkers) listed below.
  4. If it is decided that the situation is serious, the emergency services (police) should be contacted. If  the  Walks  Coordinator  is  not  available,  the  nominated  Emergency  Contact  has  sole  responsibility  for  calling  & liaising with emergency services. 
  5. The alarm should be raised with authorities sooner if children or the elderly are involved, if the weather has been poor or it is a snow trip
  6. Have available  the  Trip  Intentions  form  and  Trip  Participants  form  for  the  emergency  services  as  they  will  require this information.
  7. Be prepared to liaise with emergency services until the situation is resolved.


Police contact number (24 hrs):000


Walks Co-ordinator: Patsy Scales 0409 506 461