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The information has been gleaned from several sources including ‘Walksafe’ which can be viewed on the Bushwalking Victoria website, Outdoor Leadership on line and the SGWWAC risk management Policy.

Remember you have a responsibility for your own safety. By following  few simple procedures you will contribute to the safety and enjoyment of the whole group.

Activity Leaders have the final say on all ‘on track’ decisions. All reasonable instructions given by the leader must be followed. Participants may be asked to prove their experience, fitness and capability to complete the activity and if in doubt the leader has the authority to refuse participation on the activity.


  1. Advise the leader of any medical condition or recent illness/injury they should be aware of prior to the start of the walk.
  2. Advise the leader or someone in the group if you are having difficulties keeping up with the group.
  3. If you need a toilet stop – leave your pack on the track or path and let someone know you are stopping.
  4. Walk with the group, don’t go ahead of the leader or fall behind the Tail end Charlie.
  5. Wait to regroup at track junctions. Maintain sight contact of the person in front and behind you on untracked or poorly marked routes.
  6. Be safety conscious when walking on roads, walk on the right hand side of the road unless unsafe and no more than two side by side. Call out to alert other walkers of approaching traffic.
  7. Be aware of any signs of heat exhaustion, hypothermia or any other difficulties in others in the group and let the leader know.

You can find more infromation on our website here:

and Bushwalking Victoria: