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MARLO LAKES ENTRANCE base camp paddle.
16th-19th October.
Day 1..
Tuesday’s weather was perfect for the start of our paddle: overcast but most importantly, no wind to speak of. We launched from Fisherman’s Landing at Lake Tyers and headed up the Toorloo Arm. The bird life was unbelievable: herons, egrets, ducks, divers, swans with huge nurseries of cygnets, the elusive sea eagle and azure kingfishers. We stopped every hour or so for leg stretching, food and drinks.

We passed Burnt Bridge…. What was it called before it burnt?

As the river narrows we noticed more fallen timber in the water creating obstacles. The original wooden bridge footings are still to be seen under the highway bridge. As always the legs of the current bridge are covered in graffiti.

After lunch we continued to see how far we could go. At a large snaggy spot, Michelle and I erred on the side of caution and called it quits, while Pat, Roz, Noel and Michael paddled on. They made it to the junction of Casey Creek, but it is too narrow to be navigable. On the way back we were accompanied by lots of fish which were jumping out of the water ahead of the boats. A stiff head wind sprang up for the last few kilometres which made us work to get back to the landing.

We all made it back safe and sound and a little stiff. A great paddle, thanks to our fearless leader Pat, knowledgeable navigator Roz and intrepid explorers….Sue
Lakes Entrance Base Camp Paddle 16102023 876Lakes Entrance Base Camp Paddle 16102023 903

Day 2.
It's always a pleasure paddling on dead calm water with the kayak bow slicing through the glass like surface. Chasing the constant reflections of the trees along each bank over the mirror like water.

On day 2, we put-in at Nowa Nowa and headed southwards with Pat spying a Kingfisher bird within the 1st couple of minutes and all eyes watched for the Sea Eagles that frequent that length of water. After about 2.5hrs of idyllic paddling in warming sunshine at a pleasant temperature and not a breath of wind, we were looking for a convenient beach to stop for an early lunch break but resorted to sitting on random logs under overhanging trees. However, Pat was still able to share around her home baked snacks. Always a taste delight for me, as I generally rely on a 'food something' that's more aimed toward a reloading of energy.

The afternoon return journey was marked by a very gentle tail breeze and a much better display of Sea Eagles. To display their familiarity with passing watercraft, one pair remained perched low on an old stag that was located at the waters edge and watched down as 5 kayaks glided immediately beneath. With a steady paddling rhythm we arrive back at the Nowa Nowa boat ramp for an early finish of 2pm-ish which allowed plenty of time for Michael & Noel to load and depart to return home. Allowing Pat, Roz & Sue to make their return to Lakes Entrance...and for Pat to make it back in time for a much anticipated Latte…. Noel
Lakes Entrance Base Camp Paddle 16102023 931Lakes Entrance Base Camp Paddle 16102023 948

Day 3.
The temptation was too great with the glassy still water of the North Arm beckoning Roz and I rolled the kayaks to the water’s edge and paddled to the head of the inlet, up to the site where barges transported rock from the Mississippi Creek Quarry to the entrance at Lakes. We disturbed the resident sea eagle and along the way enjoyed the antics of the pelicans and swans. Arriving back on shore we rolled our kayaks across the road and rewarded ourselves with a latte.

Three beautiful days on the water with great company. Thanks crew!
Lakes Entrance Base Camp Paddle 16102023 980

Participants: Pat Williams (Leader), Roz Spratt, Michele Timmins, Sue Ratcliffe, Noel Haines and Michael Haynes both Strzelecki BWC members