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Our group of five set off walking post Lockdown 6 with Kerry leading us on another 'new' walk. It was a beautiful still, warm morning as we left Yana kee caravan park for Duck Point and Red Bluff.

The track began through a tunnel of tea trees with an over-storey of banksias. As we emerged from the tunnel into grasslands and low lying shrubs, we could see the beach ahead. The white sand, glimmering sea and special cloud formations all added to the enjoyment of the walk as we passed a tea tree swamp and a clear creek meandering down to the sea. The many frogs living in the swamp made their voices heard loud and clear.

The beach was littered with a variety of shells and we saw little crabs scurrying through the sand. And all the time in the distance we could see the Foster Hills and other mainland features like the Toora wind farm.

Out in the Inlet we watched a fishing boat which seemed to have nets out and we wondered if this was legal in a marine park. Such thoughts were reinforced a little later when a helicopter flying overhead seemed to be checking out the boat.

We walked on to what some of us likened to a 'smuggler's cove' with a few tin shacks and a little jetty, the latter making a perfect spot for morning tea. From there it was on to Red Bluff, walking amongst the mangroves before going up some steep steps. This was the only hill on the whole walk. The steps led to civilisation in the form of a road and a few houses.

We then made our way along a bush track back down to the beach to retrace our steps back to Yanakie caravan park.

2021 08 12 Duck Point 3

It was a most enjoyable walk for several reasons: the varied scenery and vegetation, the gentle light on the water, the stillness of the day and of course the good company!

We started walk at Yanakee caravan park.

Easy 8kms.

Thanks so much to Kerry for seeking out and taking us on another great walk.

Participants: Kerry Baggallay, Marg Waldron , Graeme Clements, Pilli, Gayle McHarg

2021 08 12 Duck Point 2