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A few months ago the Club records were moved to a different storage location.  During the move folders of the club newsletter ‘Footprints’ dating from the formation of SGWAAC 1990 to 2003 were located.  Someone had taken the time to retain a copy of each monthly edition and store them in plastic pockets in a large A4 folder.  Thirty years on they needed some attention and renovation physically but were  treasure trove of information about the vision of what the club saw as its future, the people who made this happen, and the multitude of  ‘walking and adventurous’ activities that took place over the first decade.

Whilst some renovation work was being carried on the newsletters a CD came to light that contained copies of Footprints for the period 2004 to 2010.  This was an unexpected and exciting find as no hard copies had been kept after 2003. Again a light shining into those years of Club activities and adventures and those who participated in making SGWAAC such a success. From this find came the idea that all of the newsletters the club had produced should be curated and made available in both digital and hard copies for future reference as a complete record of the Clubs history for its first thirty years.

With Club approval newsletters for the years 1990 to 2003 were digitized. These were combined with the years 2004 to 2010 which were added from the CD and the years 2011 to 2019 which were added from the records of the former Club website. The record chain was finally complete. All files have now been converted to pdf format and all file names have a consistent pattern.  Hard copies from 2004 have been printed and now the entire collection is stored in 3 large A4 folders for the three decades together with USBs of the entire 30 years.  Each edition of the newsletters is easy to access from the relevant folder to read, enjoy, inspire and entertain.


From the very first Club outing a close relationship with the local newspapers was established and maintained by the Publicity Officers with articles and photos reporting activities of the Club being submitted to the editors.  In the early years this was a great way to recruit new members as well as encouraging people to take part in both walking and adventurous activities.  Members were asked to contribute photos and articles to the Club’s Publicity Officer, a role filled for the majority of the Club’s history by Marg Waldron.  Marg kept a meticulous record of everything published in the Foster Mirror, the Sentinel Times and the Leongatha Star during her many years in the role.  In 2020 Gayle McHarg was custodian of the Publicity folder which is now stored with the Footprints folders. As both records are in date order they are great to read in conjunction with each other.

So Thanks for the Memories to all those who have come before with especial thanks to those who were the careful custodians of the Club’s records in some form over the years.  Ian Lester for the first decade, Lyn Birt for the second decade and Clive Lynn for the third decade of Footprints and Marg Waldron for Publicity for a long long time.

Judy Speedy